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Friday, April 21, 2006

Upper body strength

My exercise tool.

I ride a lot and have strong arms. Is that because I hold the reins tight and my horses lean on the reins and I use my arms to collect and direct my horses?


Just the opposite. I intend to use my mind to direct my horse's mind, and if he's not paying attention and thinking my ideas are reasonable, I might resort to using my seat and legs to direct him, perhaps the reins as well, but more and more using a slack rein to invite a change of thought, not to force a change of body shape or movement.

I do engage in other activities to maintain my strength. Stacking 1200 bales of hay will help my fitness come summer time.

Currently my most effective full body workout is done alone in the woods. Especially pleasant exercise conditions are when the air is cool and a slight wind russles the leaves. Legs and arms and cardiovascular workout all at once. I don my exercise gear (kevlar chaps, leather gloves, a helmet and ear protective muffs) and support my health this way once or twice a week. RNB would be happy if I did it more often, and I'm working up to it, conditioning myself slowly, slowly, with a few naps interspersed, stretched out in the sun lulled into blissful semi-consciousness by the whishhhh of the wind and the chirping of birds.


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