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Friday, April 28, 2006

Sofia in harness

If my hand were not injured, I would have taken the reins today. Instead Bekah of Fair Winds Farm did most of the work with Sofia. Bekah is confident that, with what Sofia knows and what I know and my intent to keep learning, I will be able to continue with Sofia's training at home. I will be bringing her home on Monday, May 1st.

I did practice leading and keeping my mind with Sofia, and predicting for Sofia with clear thoughts, what we would be doing, like walking from a standstill, or stopping from a walk.

It is not just about clear and predictable body language. I've heard this before. Have a mental picture of what you want the horse to do. Have a mental image of what you will be doing. When I focus and apply myself, it works. Smooth as a greased ball bearing.

I will be a little apprehensive at first, I know that. But watching Sofia handled by Bekah, and watching her respond, and hearing Bekah's report of how little it takes to bring Sofia's mind back -- that all gives me confidence to carry on. I will likely bore dear Sofia as I build my confidence in the play pen and the arena. I will likely ask RNB to bring along a horse to accompany us on our first few outings. Even though Bekah sees that Sofia looks for support from the human rather than from another horse.


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