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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Seems a miracle

This little ram lamb is alive and well!

It was four hours after I found him that he started sucking at the bottle I offered, and moving his legs in an attempt to get up. A few hours later he was wobbly but ambulating for short spurts. He has his own travel bag now as we went out to dinner last night (lamb in bag) and today I will be traveiling and RNB will be working so lamb will go with one of us. Not a huge appetite yet, but the interest is there.

We did capture his mom yesterday afternoon and milk out some colostrum for him. And we will offer him back to his mom each day, hoping she might take him, and that once he's strong and mobile, he could survive and certainly be socially better adjusted if he returned to the flock.

I want to name him.


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