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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The platform again

I took a nap with the horses this afternoon. After we all woke up, Gwen accepted my invitation to come into the play pen with me. While I was there with Gwen, Kacee has surprised. She has surprised me many times recently. Today she came and stood at the closed gate of the play pen.


I opened the gate and let Kacee in to join us. I assume that she likes the focussed, calm attention I have been giving her in the play pen. Twice before, when I showed up in the paddock with the intention to play with a horse, she walked off away from me, heading straight for the play pen where she entered the open gate and waited there for me. I like this. A lot.

Today after walking around together and connected with Gwen and then with Kacee, I asked Kacee to step up onto the platform at liberty. She did and she stayed there while I backed away to take her photo. Then she stepped down while I was moving to her other side for some better lighting. I asked her to step up again which she did.

Kacee on the platform, just after she decided to step down:

After our play time, I went to hang out with Rusty who was napping again. It was interesting to hear his breathing as he was stretched out, then hear it change, still deep but without any holding before the exhale. Nothing sweeter than a sleeping horse, but not especially lovely to look at. You decide.

Rusty napping:

This boy can sleep through anything.


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