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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring busy-ness

I'm suffering from writer's withdrawal. Too busy to spend time here typing out my thoughts, new awarenesses, activities, insights...

Busy with what?

Getting ready for the spring session at High Horses! Preparing horses who have had the winter off, preparing paperwork for lesson planning, preparing mentally to meet new students and offer them my best.

Farm animals! No more births expected, but the sheep need shearing, the kids need new homes, the remaining lambs in the barn need to be moved outside. One day soon we'll open the pasture to them and live will be simplified by fewer animals to feed twice a day.

Fencing! Walking and checking and fixing all the fences for electrical shorts and holes and built up debris from flooding.

Birds! Still collecting eggs to eat or sell. Checking on the gals already sitting. Worrying about the weather and how that might affect the hatches. So far, geese and turkeys are sitting.

Horses! Our little pony, Gwen, is back here after more than a year with some friends whose daughter wanted a pony. So, despite best efforts to keep the herd at five, we're back to six. I have one more visit with Sofia and her trainer at Fair Winds Farm, then bring her home -- scheduled for this coming Monday. Then follow up with her driving training here at home! Will I be able to hitch her and take her for a drive myself???

New land! Time spent thinking up a name for our next farm. I won't go into the serious or nonsense ideas we've come up with. Chain saw and chipper and stump grinder activity. Mapping out the land using the GPS device. Planning with the timber frame company. Identifying where the septic will go. Dreaming about the pond and the riding trails. Wondering where the power will come in. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!

Old land! Getting the house in Maine ready to sell -- painting, flooring, landscaping, cleaning, listing, praying!

Garden! Clear the asparagus patch from last year's bushes. Fantasize about GKM baking us a strawberry rhubarb pie this year. Shoo away the geese from the growing iris greens. Procrastinate about choices for vegetable planting this year. (Will we really find time to harvest what we grow this year???)

And all the regular weekly activities of dancing, working, riding (what is that?!), eating, cleaning, sleeping (what is THAT?!)...

It's 10:21 am and I'm off for the day. I miss sitting here writing and editing and writing some more. I'll find time again. Just not today.


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