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Monday, April 03, 2006


RNB named him Lucky. Lucky to be alive.

He is thriving, very slowly but surely. He's about 1/2 the size of his triplet brothers (now three days old), and just as small compared to the twin ewe lambs born yesterday morning.

In hopes that his true mom or this new mom auntie might accept him, we've put two ewes and five lambs in a big stall. So far Lucky is socializing with the other lambs when he's not sleeping. Which is still most of the time. Overnight I bring him inside because trekking to the barn in the middle of the night for his feeding is beyond what I will do!

His auntie ewe has let us hold her twice while we put Lucky on The Real Thing. He sucks a little then his attention is gone. I suspect he has become accustomed to getting the formula from a bottle which flows easier than milk from the ewe. I suspect we'll try to find him a home as a pet, and very soon. Small but friendly -- he'd make a great pet.

I figure he's been imprinted to leg of blue jean and sound of human voice and cough. Darn spring cleaning of my body system has me coughing as much as I breathe. OK, I exaggerate. Someday perhaps I will forego the yummy foods that make me so sick, BEFORE they make me so sick. So much for higher cortex intelligence. What did I read about emotional intelligence ruling the roost?!


At 11 April, 2006 07:27, Blogger ZinniaZ said...

Oh, I have been away and having houseguests. I return to find your lambs and LUCKY. He is lovely. :) So glad he lived.


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