Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bo being ridden

This is from a few months ago. I should get some recent shots as he put on some weight this summer and looks just about pony-plump, and gorgeous of course. (Did I post this picture before?) I'm riding in a Torsion treeless saddle, it seems the best fit for Bo. I do not own a pony specific saddle and he would qualify for one. I am about 5'3" so you can judge the proportions and what he can carry. He is for sale to the right person. You can see the slack in my reins -- he was quick to understand the feel of the reins this way and this is the amount of contact I need with him most of the time. When he is paying attention, he will turn or stop with this much slack in the reins. I'm liking this a lot! And so is he.

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