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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

This probably belongs on my farm blog but it is about the barn so that is about my relationship with horses. *g*

We have barn cats. Some we have purchased, some have been given to us, and some show up unannounced on their own accord.

For quite awhile I was aware that the dry cat food I leave out for our latest barn cat seems to be eaten faster than she could consume. So I assume we have visiting cats from nearby homes. I've seen some come and go. They are smart and know where the free lunches are!

The other evening I had my camera handy when one of the prettiest kitties I've ever seen was lurking around on the porch when RNB and I came home from dancing. What a fine and healthy looking kitty!

Ok, so it's not a kitty. I sure do think how soft it would feel to stroke its silky coat!

A few days after I took this picture, the dear thing was resting quietly in one of the have-a-heart traps we set out in hopes of diminishing the local rat population (we make ongoing trap and relocation efforts). This "kitty" is now relocated to an unidentified rural area. Interesting, just after I found the trapped kitty, I saw another gorgeous kitty slinking under the stairway to the hay loft! Wow, this kitty, also black and white, had a hugely wide white stripe. Oh so pretty! Nature is pretty amazing.

Anyway, I set out another trap, hoping to have the opportunity to relocate this other kitty and indeed, it has been trapped and set free elsewhere. I took pictures of this one while in the cage.

I love their claws!

Phew. All unwanted kitties gone from the barn. I'm still waiting for the lingering fragrance of some partial scent releases to dissipate. These sprays were not related to being trapped -- they happened before and had confirmed via my senses that indeed there were visitors in the barn!

How surprised was I to find the cat food dish knocked over on the floor again -- yikes! Sign of more of these kitties!! Do we have an entire family in residence?? I'm waiting for another black and white delight in my trap!


At 28 September, 2007 18:08, Blogger Zinnia said...

awww. I love that kitty. Wish I could have one of my own really. (NOt being ironic.) I have a friedn who bottle fed a litter of these. :)


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