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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Riza now and then

Once upon a time, I bought two horses off the internet. They were considered PMU mares, on sale when many Canadian ranches lost their contracts with a big company that produces (not as much as before but still in the business) premarin, a hormone replacement derived from PREgnant MARes' urINe.

One of these mares is my Sofia, who in fact was a two year old filly when I got her. Destined to be bred in the spring as a coming three year old, she was already branded as is customary, but never was bred. From her intense heat displays, I would say she regrets the loss of that part of her former future job duties.

The other mare is Kelly, a then 10 year old Morgan-looking likely quarter horse pregnant mare. Riza (Thread of the Mill New Horizons) was her foal, born in Maine and sold after weaning to some folks who were looking forward to a lifetime relationship with this sweet youngster. I have heard that their horse farm dreams are greatly modified by the harsh realities of running a boarding facility, and are seeking to sell Riza, now three and ready for saddle training.

Where Kelly was super cautious about everything new and human, Riza is calm and accepting about everything. I am writing all this because perhaps someone who reads this blog is looking for a young, sane, even tempered well built quarter horse. She is described as great with being handled, sturdy built with a short back. She has been ponied on the trails and enjoys that. If I can help her connect with her next home, that would be sweet.

Kelly and day old Riza

Riza a little older

Riza recently as a three year old


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