Monday, September 10, 2007

More blending

The herd is blending more and more. I love going out and seeing Bo hanging out with Soli, and Sofia hanging out with Prince. What a change from 8-9 months ago when Bo arrived and was so incredibly worried about all the horses. Even a few months ago he was aggressively keeping Sofia way from the others, and running off anyone he could who ventured close. That did result in some missing hide when he and Rusty sparred over the mares. I have yet to see those two engaged in mutual grooming, but Rusty lets Bo hang with Kacee, and even when the two stud muffins come face to face with some alarm life coursing through their veins, it ends with a minimal squeal if even that. Quiet life here is a treat!

Soli, dear old Haflinger, continues to think his space includes my space, despite my obviously ineffectual but frequent efforts at changing his mind.

Rusty and I have enjoyed some trail ride times, and Kacee and I are building toward that freedom to go anywhere that I'm finding with Rusty these days. This is why I have horses -- to go enjoy a trail ride!

My fall schedule is getting settled enough so I can ride more predictably again. I used to feel ambivalent about how much I rode because so many rides were quasi torture! Now that they are enjoyable adventures, I miss it when I go a few days without riding.

I'm teaching more this fall than before. My commitment to High Horses covers much of two days now -- one day for therapeutic riding lessons, and one day for teaching able bodied volunteers in the Horse Exercise Program. I love both aspects of my work there -- the mix of focusing on the special needs of the riders, and focusing on the special needs of the horses.

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