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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Computer woes while everything else looks rosy

I can't even access my online mail account to send email with this computer because it won't accept the password that I recall. I cannot access Facebook because this browser is apparently antique. So I will write something here and hope that any friends happen by to find out why they are not hearing from me. I think I can spread the word via a yahoo list or two, too. Strange to be using an older computer, like living in a time warp.

Sun is shining and I will go paint at the new place. Chilly but bright. Suits me just fine.

I talked with a man this morning who believes the key to being with horses is gaining understanding and control (my paraphrasing) over their tails. He has given me something to think about, and probably experiment with. And hopefully meet up with him again some day to chat more about this interesting idea.

And here I've been trying to gain understanding of the horse's mind. Ya know what? I'm going to keep up with this mind stuff, AND add some tail stuff to the experimenting.

Happy New Year to all.


At 08 January, 2009 05:39, Blogger Victoria Cummings said...

I'm curious about the tail stuff - I learned from a friend who is a vet tech that if I'm handling a horse that might try to kick, if I grasp the tail at the base and turn it sideways and hold it there, the horse can't lift it so it can't kick. When Siete was fussing about the abscesses on her back feet, we would do that and it would keep her from kicking and weirdly seemed to calm and settle her.


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