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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Stuttering, from a friend

My friend, BA, wrote me this and gave permission to post it:

So, I've been thinking a lot about your "Stuttering in Motion" post. I stutter too. Just a couple days ago I specifically remember a time I stuttered. I was walking from the house to the barn to feed and realized that I forgot the bottle of liquid I mix in the feed. Because I had been pondering your post, I circled around (moving forward), returned to the house to get the bottle, and made the trip to barn.

I find myself wondering if we are created by design to stutter? Do we accomplish more when we stutter? Are stuttering and multi-tasking the same thing? Are the hesitations and pauses our body's attempt to slow us down because we are moving too fast? Is it our body's way of trying to save us time and energy? Can we acknowledge and pursue the little reminders our mind offers without stuttering? Perhaps we can circle back (moving forward) when our mind gives us the reminder to save a trip and bring a scoop of feed for the geese. In an effort not to stutter, will I become so controlling in my actions that I become inflexible? Is there a way to remain flexible without stuttering?


[My comment: Good questions!!]


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