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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The heart stutters, too

Well, not sure of that analogy.

My dear RNB had a heart attack on Thursday. Life has changed suddenly! He is well, I am well, and both of us are feeling vulnerable as we figure out how to proceed with life style changes, especially his diet and activity level. I am feeling vulnerable as I process past losses and times of caregiving. I do better with a solid buffer of denial between me and death.

I am benefiting by thinking through all the heart attack risk factors with him. I am considering giving up my white chocolate indulgence. Considering that, not committed to that. I am committed to going for recovery walks with RNB. Although we both are very active, neither of us pay attention to the 'steady' factor of raising one's heart rate -- that is what contributes to cardiovascular health, not sporadic upswings with great exertion followed by stillness.

I did get my heart rate up tromping through the knee-deep snow to get horses where they belonged. It was lovely -- after dark with an overcast sky lit by a hidden mostly full moon.

I'm grateful RNB is alive and has a good chance for many more years.


At 23 December, 2007 14:04, Blogger Victoria Cummings said...

I am sorry about RNB's heart attack. How frightening it must have been for both of you. Wishing you two good health from now on. And speaking of grateful, we appreciate your insight and honesty as you share your life with all of us. Take care and have a happy holiday!

At 24 December, 2007 22:29, Blogger BL said...

Walking on the beach, remembering our walk at Laguna in the spring, and wanting to catch up with I am and send you and RNB much love. I am sure he couldn't ask for a more caring helpmate and for wiser support.

Thanks for the physical therapy information too; it is timely for me. I see you are still looking out for me. Thank you.

At 26 December, 2007 09:35, Blogger Pam said...

Sorry to hear about the heart attack but glad to hear that RNB is doing OK. I helped MH through the cardiac rehab back in 1991 so I know a little bit about the recovery road. Yes, lifestyle changes probably are in order and it may be a good wakeup call although not appreciated at the time. Take care, Pam

At 27 December, 2007 07:50, Blogger llm said...

I am so sorry to hear about RNB's heart attack and very glad to hear that everything will be okay. Thank you for your gratitude and wonderful outlook on life. With your help and support RNB is sure to have a very speedy recovery.

At 27 December, 2007 17:30, Blogger Walter Jeffries said...

Eye opening life event! Glad to hear he survived it and that he, and you, are committed to bettering yourselves to fight it. I have an acquaintance who has had four heart attacks. He just doesn't seem to get the message because he doesn't change his bad habits. Keep safe and Happy New Years. -WalterJ

At 28 December, 2007 16:14, Blogger LJB said...

Thank you all for your good wishes. I've just been reminded of something I wrote to others about a horse clinic I attended... where the horse was getting a release from pressure when he was breathing and softening. I took this to heart -- and give myself permission to release myself from the pressures I carry, simply for breathing and softening. All other things in life right now are secondary, and at times feel overwhelming. But breathing I can do. And softening I can do. Maybe not pay bills and fix the fence and shovel out the trailer today, but breathing and softening, I can do.


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