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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The body has memories

Second class of Aikido this evening. My first lesson in falling, which for me was about learning to roll. What I learned is how much I push (launching myself into a roll), how much I protect (worried about hurting my body), how much I think (wanting to analyze what my various body parts should be doing so I can direct the show), how many new muscles I met, both those I've not used (lower legs especially) and many maybe I've overused (back).

Thank heavens for the mats on the floor. RNB says we can get some for our new house. Heck, let's get them NOW! I know I will learn how to do this, gracefully, seemingly as effortlessly as it is demonstrated! Meanwhile, thank heavens for homeopathic arnica.

I cried when I got home. Just lay down and cried some tears and took a nap. Phew. Nothing special, just all that energy released from my body as I did it over and over and over, slowly making some progress toward some combination of letting go and moving intentionally. How is that for a paradox?

I suppose I still am releasing tears of sorrow about Gingersnap. A long email from GKM reminded me of some details of what a grand mare that Ginger was. She will be missed.


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