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Friday, February 09, 2007

More new life

Wednesday, a Nigerian Dwarf kid arrived. Another buckling, cute markings, lively despite being born on a very cold winter day. We have yet to know how severe is the frost bite on the ears of both the new kids. They may have floppy ears, unusual for the breed.

Today, Friday, a Dexter calf arrived. Don't know yet whether it's a bull calf or heifer. I meandered out to check their water and noticed an extra -- and extra small -- black animal. Momma cow was in the middle of consuming the afterbirth. I sat and witnessed these early moments of new life. Had a twinge which could have developed into some nauseous feelings, but as I changed my focus and stilled my mind, those feelings passed. Several younger cows came to sniff me over. Newborn still wet, accepted a short hug from me.

Life is amazing.


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