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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feel, timing

It's going to be a forever journey, improving my feel and timing.

Long talk last night with my friend LL. Listening to her learning process with what she's doing with horses, sharing about my learning process here at home. I came away with more ideas where to look for changes, in myself, in my horses.

I had started wondering if Rusty's bigger shows of life were based in worry and uncertainty. Thoughts from listening to Harry Whitney had started haunting me, making me think again about my giving Rusty so much say as I had been. I think Rusty's big expressions have been at least partly based in worry.

I think it's my job now to resume my directing role while taking special care to maintain a mental connection with him, give him space to be an active participant in our rides, and help him let go of his ideas so he can go along with mine. To direct what we're doing while letting him think it's his idea, monitoring my habits to minimize and eventually eliminate any pushing or pulling that will want to come unconsciously into our relationship, especially when I feel scared.

I succeeded with bringing his life up and out. Now to succeed with directing that life in ways that make sense to him and allow him to contribute not just perform obediently.

The ongoing experimentation continues!

And I'm looking again for a saddle that suits me and my horses. I'm pretty convinced the Bates is not the best for my horses even though it feels close to heavenly to me.

No regrets for sure, about the saddle, about the rides livening up Rusty, but I'm asking myself: what next? How can I step up to the job of directing Rusty more without nagging or belittling his efforts? It's a balmy 25° today so I'll go see what I learn today!


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