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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Word play, some foolishness

I love words. These amused me -- the offerings from SpellCheck from my prior entry. I will use bold face when I really enjoy one of the replacement suggestions.

Rusty's - rustic, rusts, russets, restock, rosettes, rests, resides.

Bo - boa, boy, bow, boo, be, by, bi, bowie, bah.

Kacee - kazoo, kicks, cacao, sacks, jacks, cache, kick.

Horsey - horse, Horace, heresy, Hershey, hoorays, worse, hare's.

RNB - ramp, rump, romp.

Biggy - baggy, buggy, boggy, big, piggy, bogey.

Bitless - pitiless, beetle's, bootlegs, faithless (huh??), pathless, battles, bottles, beetles, vitals.


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