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Monday, January 01, 2007

Pictures from my lesson

Thanks to GS, here are some more pictures from my lesson.

RC was very engaging and talkative and right there involved with every moment of the lesson. Willoughby on the other hand, was silent, appeared to be sleeping on the job, but truly was very involved with every moment of the lesson.

I know I wasn't talking about diving but it sure looks like it! I think I was describing the feeling of having to reach forward and use my upper body in order to stand up in the stirrups.

Looking better balanced at posting trot or standing trot than when I was struggling to get my legs back underneath me.

Looking balanced and relaxed with a sitting trot.

Great expression on Willoughby despite what the rider is doing!

Struggling with balance at canter -- note daylight between seat and saddle!

Woohoo! Balancing at canter -- look ma, no hands!


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