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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Update re LL on Joe Wolter

I am so fortunate to have Libby as a friend, especially a friend who reads and writes emails and does a great job putting into words some of the details of her horsemanship journey.

She gave me permission to quote her and I will share a recent email when she commented on my blog entry (1/1/2007 Musings...) about things I heard and mulled over from the last time I saw her in person.

Libby: I am quite impressed with all you took away from our little fireside chat at Frannie's [Piper Ridge Farm, Limerick, Maine]. What a fun time it was. I only wish we could have visited a little more too. The only little variation on the theme was:

[From my blog:] "What she [Libby] learned from talking this over with Joe, was that the horse was going along feeling great and eager and taking her someplace, and then the horse was stopped from that. So the horse is thinking, I'm not going to go to that place where she stopped all this good feeling, I'll turn away before we get to that place."

Libby's comment: What I got from Joe on this wasn't so much that they were disappointed but more that they knew the answer down that trail was to come back, so why go down? Let's just save ourselves some footsteps and turn around now. I'm not sure this is any better an explanation than yours, but it's a little different interpretation of how the horse might be feeling.

Thank you, Libby, for giving me something else to think about. It certainly makes sense from what I know of 'the horse's point of view'.


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