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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Yesterday I sold my house in Maine. It went smoothly, and about as quickly as I could handle. I started putting the word out in mid-June and it went under contract a month later, and closed yesterday.

So many feelings have come up!

Lots of gratitude for all the wonderful times and memories. Sorrow with the thoughts about missing the simplicity and quiet of my life when I was living there. Pride for all the planting and fencing and building I did, either with my own hands or guided by my own design ideas. Laughter and joy when I recall the chorus of frogs on the warmer evenings, punctuated by the snorting of horses and whh whh whh of bat wings in the evening sky.

It's a relief at some level. I'm glad I had that home, glad I came to a time and place in my life when I wanted to own that home and live there with my horses and cats. Glad that my life has changed and expanded into what it is now, and that my life with RNB supports our shared love of animals and my passion for time with horses.

Changes. I'm getting better at changes. Not having the same need for the familiar and known surrounding me all the time. Learning to let go into newness, sometimes with grace and sometimes with fretting. But letting go, and trying out this trust stuff.


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