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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Off the grid

I would have thought this would feel more exciting than it currently does, but I'm scared! We have decided, due to exorbitant cost of bringing power to our house site, to go 'off the grid'. 100%. Wow. That's worth repeating: WOW!

A commitment that I've dreamed of, and now I am anxious. The anxiety I can identify as related to becoming dependent on something I know so little about.

So in my spare time (haha) I'm researching sustainable energy, green buildings, renewable resources. Google is as generous as ever with references. My mind is reeling and RNB wonders why I go out for long trail rides. I need to know, and I need time off from the information intake.

Passive solar, solar water heating, solar power generating. Super insulated building, low tech water hopefully gravity feed, energy efficient appliances. Back up power via propane generator.

What has this got to do with my horsey therapist blog? Ha! Each of us is connected to all aspects of our individual life, our family life, our immediate and distant environments. My time with horses and people is affected by the expansive growth spurt I'm in, as well as the anxiety I feel coming into this new adventure. So it's more than building a new home, it's becoming more of the pioneer I aspire to being.


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