Horsey Therapist

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Why The Horsey Therapist?

It's an identity I created a few years back when the possibility became clear of joining my passion for horses with my professional background.

I love horses.

I work as a therapeutic riding instructor, as a horsemanship coach with a focus on developing the best interspecies relationships possible (with ground work and while riding), I'm a licensed psychotherapist and I've studied and practiced the healing arts in many forms for over 35 years.

The Horsey Therapist refers to my facilitating role in healing horses, in healing humans and their horses, in healing humans... And it acknowledges that the horses are therapists simply by being present in our lives and being honored in their total horse-ness. Therapy is assisted by the presence of Horse. Horses are assisted by the therapeutic process undertaken by their humans.

There is so much to learn. About ourselves. About our horse friends. About relationships.


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