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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Home again, home again, jiggedy jog

We've been traveling and now home. Although the warmer climates were pleasant, I'm glad to be home, in close contact with the people, animals, and places so familiar to my heart.

Plus there are plans to make, dreams to create, moments of day to day living to enjoy.

Talking with HLH in a far away country left me with clarity and inspiration about some "next steps" in merging my passion for horses and my professional life. Today I invested in that future AND had fun (!) exploring how to make a power point presentation. Finding photos to illustrate some points I will make at a speaking opportunity next month, drew on my love of images and color and humor.

I'm still tired from the times spent en route.

We found new live when we got home! Two lambs, one kid, and one calf arrived during our absence. Precious new life. Awesome. And delightful to watch the lambs bounce and run together as they express exuberance for being alive and test out their operating equipment!

The horses all needed a good dose of the shedding blade, which removed some excess winter coat and some dried mud. Yes, mud season has arrived. I'm grateful I have a high tolerance for dirty horses.


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