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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Once again

I took the recycling by horseback Saturday morning.

Here is Kacee packed up and ready to go.

Here we are at the town recycling.

I think I will purchase a set of bright neon green (high visibility color) bags with some meaningful logo for these trips to town. I'm not sure whether I want to display the traditional recycling logo or a business logo. Maybe both!

The trip to town, downhill, and more or less not the most favorite thing Kacee wanted to do, lasted about 1 hour 10 minutes.

The trip home, uphill with lots of places to trot and canter, and heading home which meant more energy (urgency?!) and straightness, lasted about 35 minutes.

I really enjoyed being off the main road for 1/3 of the ride, the worst third -- the most windy, curvy, steep part of the road. Instead we had fields and woods and even a steep but gorgeous trail by a waterfall!

I was aware leaving home that Kacee was not fully with me and due to weather and time concerns, I kept my focus on "I decide speed and direction" and carried on. We are far enough along that this worked. Interesting to note how frequently she had these "but I think there's something scary over there" moments on the way to town, and barely a look around on the way home.

I suspect her survival instinct was close to the surface as I asked her to leave 'home', and in all honesty, she was not believing me to be 100% her trusty guide and safe companion. But it was so much better than a few years ago, even a few months ago, and it pleases me tremendously that I can ask pretty much anything of her and she'll say 'yes'. And yesterday was much softer in general between us. Although she has not been acutely and obviously sensitive to my visualizing like Rusty is, I did that quite a bit to help us along. "Here is my focus for us, can you join me now?"

And as ever, I was noticing new things about my posture, especially that unless I paid close attention when I was 'straightening' Kacee -- asking her to let go of a thought off to the right for example -- my torso was twisted to the left, bringing my right shoulder forward and my right hand over her withers. What I did to change that was lengthen my torso upwards and bring a sense of radiant presence into that left part of my torso where I was collapsing. I often wonder about the energy of my left side as that is where I have had a variety of 'degenerative disease' processes show up.

Until further notice, I will assume that a key to my health is intentionally bringing/allowing light and life energy to flow in this area of my body. Time will tell!


At 19 July, 2008 00:20, Blogger Twinville said...

I love it! A Recyling Horse! And saving gas money and helping the environment to boot. What a brilliant idea.

I'm glad that your ride into town went so well, too.


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