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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fresh from a clinic

I took Sofia with me to the clinic with Mark Rashid, and am glad I put my courage ahead of my emotions. We both got some wonderful help.

I had had a limited image of what Sofia has to offer, both in terms of readiness to follow my lead, and in terms of life and motion she is ready to offer as well. She is much more than the big drafty looking gal who seems to prefer a full halt to any other activity level.

Today I rest, re-organize, work, and play, and tomorrow I return for three days of auditing. When I get my clinic notes typed into my clinic notes blog, I will announce it here.

For now, I share this:

Speed, direction, and destination.

We need to provide direction for those three things all the time. When we do not, the horse will make a decision about any one, two, or three of those, and things won't turn out as we want. Mark has talked before about 'be the magic, don't wait for the magic to happen' and this feels like some details along that same message.

Speed, direction, and destination.

I had the good fortune to watch him clarify these in action with my Sofia loose in the round pen. Sofia got feeling better and better as she understood what Mark wanted, and as she relinquished her ideas that she was making the decisions and softened into the energy of clarity and connectedness with Mark. Then I tried it myself and we easily reached the place of being connected throughout the process while I determined our speed, direction, and destination.

Each day brought great changes, as much in how I think (and hence present things) as in what we did together. The "doing together" was the evidence of the changes, and very satisfying. Even as small a thing as approaching her with the thought 'this will be easy' rather than 'I'm not sure I can do this' make a huge impact. Huge!


At 26 May, 2008 10:05, Anonymous ell said...

Oh I'm so happy you took Sofia! I'm SO SO sorry that I had to miss it!!
Reading what you are working on with her helps me to look forward to what Lucy and I will working on in our next phase. We can actually start working on it in the arena--now that she is ok with that part. can't wait for the clinic notes.

At 29 May, 2008 08:21, Blogger Victoria Cummings said...

I'm eager to read more - but I like speed, destination and direction and also the "be the magic" notion - just having you tell me that much has helped me in my efforts with Siete. I'm glad that you had a good, successful time with Mark again. And the approach of "this will be easy" has been something that always seems to work well for me too.


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