Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Waiting for the magic

Mark Rashid talked about this numerous times in the October clinics in New Hampshire last month. Waiting for the magic. Too many of us do that with our horses. We ask for something then wait for the horse to do it. We help the horse do something, then sit back and expect the horse to carry on with what we had asked. These are two examples of what I can think of that fit this 'waiting for the magic' idea.

He urged us to Create the Magic! Be the Magic!

What I took from this at the time, was keep staying present with my horse when I am handling or riding him. Again and again and again, be present and responsive, just as I want my horse to be. Oh yes, and soft. Offer softness first...

The magic is there, in fact it is here, now. But do I believe we can do magic together? Now? Or do I think/expect/assume that first we have to do X, Y, or Z before we're ready to become magical together?

Thanks to the influence of Mark and his current and past teaching assistants, I am changing how I am with my horses. I am practicing being how I want us to be. Practicing being soft, being present, practicing creating the attunement and connectedness I want, and even practicing assuming that state right now, rather than assuming we may achieve it later.

Some of it is a feeling state I intentionally will bring on, like feeling excited enough to burst into a canter heading out someplace. In fact we are in the arena, the same arena we've ridden in for the last few weeks of rifle hunting season. But that doesn't really matter! What matters is what feelings I nurture in my heart. When I feel eagerness and anticipation, I can create that magic for us. Perhaps what I'm doing is not creating it, but connecting with that magic where the horse already lives, and connecting without asking the horse to temper or dull out his intrinsic delight in being alive.

Of course part of MY journey of creating the magic includes directing the magical energy. *g* Not just sitting there and hoping for my horse to magically do what I want, but directing how the magic manifests, and of course directing with the most softness I know to offer today.

I have some notes from my clinic time about this 'waiting for the magic' concept. I will get those notes edited and up on my clinicnotes blog! Exactly when? Not sure. But I will...

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