Saturday, November 17, 2007


I came away from my first auditing experience of Mark Rashid wanting to study Aikido to get a better understanding of how to use that way of thinking and awareness and using one's body for horsemanship. The closest dojo is about two hours away. Learning from a video doesn't work because one practices with a partner.

I came away from my first riding clinic experience with Mark with a feel for some Aikido. I am more eager to learn more, but still inhibited from pursuing this by distance, travel time and cost. I understand I can start by learning to fall, and that is taught in many martial arts disciplines. Perhaps I can find that locally.

Meanwhile, the blending I got a feel for from Mark, that is something I hold in mind and apply to the best of my ability when I'm with the horses. I am trying to apply that feel with the cats, when I'm at dance lessons and need to guide a newer student. I seek to incorporate softness all the time. I like that as a personal goal. And will even try to be soft with myself when I fail to remember softness when feeling threatened, defensive, and in conflict...

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Pam said...

My instructor found an Aikido group right in Waterville! We are going to check it out soon. Hope you can find something closer!