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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mark Rashid

These past four days learning from Mark Rashid changed my baseline for what I expect from myself and from any horse I'm around. It changed what I see, what I feel, what I think, what I will offer, what I will accept as "best".

I had read some of his books and I had read some reports and conversations from folks who have studied and ridden with him. I was not surprised to find I liked being influenced by him. I was surprised with the scope and depth of his experience and what he focussed on as he taught a series of individual lessons over these four days.

The whole experience feels very exciting and integrating to me. I started playing with energy and those invisible things four decades ago. And there I was in the presence of a horseman who talks about this, uses it, helps riders to use it, of if they are not ready or their horse is not ready, helps them with the steps of preparation so this essential and most subtle and soft way of being will be all that is needed.

I am full of renewed enthusiasm about my connection with horses and the work/play that is ahead of me. I came away feeling confident I have enough tools and awareness to assess what I can or cannot do today with a horse, and what to do to proceed to refine my presentation and hear if the horse is open to this, and what to do if not.

Mark Rashid was clear about this:

Our consistency builds dependability in the eyes of the horse, which in turn builds trust, which allows the horse to be peaceful.

More later here or in my clinicnotes blog.

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