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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cleaning bugaboo

It's funny -- I actually enjoy deep cleaning but I have this HUGE resistance to the IDEA of cleaning. Haven't quite put my finger on the history of that other than a cleaning woman we had when I was a kid wasn't well thought of in my family, nor by me because each week it seemed she broke another of the horse statues I collected and she brought candy for my two younger brothers but not for me (and probably not for my older brother either). Funny how things from childhood make such a lasting impression!

Meanwhile, I have been cleaning today as a gift to RNB. He works hard outside the home this time of the year. I seldom work hard although I think hard if that makes sense or counts for anything! Anyway, today I tried some discipline -- work in the morning and play in the afternoon. Well, I got so into the cleaning (vacuuming window sills) that it is now 2 PM and I'm just switching gears.

I had intended on furthering the cleaning efforts in the barn. RNB has done the remarkable job of removing all sorts of items stored there for eternity. My chosen job is to neatly arrange the stuff we still need there, and sweep (cough, cough). Today I decided I would wait for the dust masks RNB promises to bring home. No matter how slowly and gently I was sweeping yesterday, I still got covered with hay dust inside and out.


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