Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lesson time

This is a big deal for me. I suspect it will increase my empathy for people who are in the student role with me. I will be in the student role tomorrow, with a new teacher.

I'm fairly comfortable with the teachers/clinicians/coaches already in my life. I see them once or twice a year if I'm able to arrange that (only one still comes within a few hours from here). But tomorrow I will venture to take a lesson not in horsemanship but an equitation lesson. I'm having mixed feelings of course -- excitement and nervousness. I know I will learn new things and I hope I will learn without tears or shame or anguish. Yes, I'm capable of emotional upheaval, although it really has not happened much in the past year or two. At least not in the area of Learning About Horses.

I am grateful for the openness of a horsey friend who blogs prolifically about her lessons and her learning. She has portrayed her instructor in ways that I know I could learn from her, someone with kindness and clarity and a tremendously humungous background with horses and teaching. I have scheduled a lesson with this instructor.

By the way, I confess this will be my first ever lunge line lesson. Something I advocate and teach myself, but have never done it. I expect some interesting revelations!

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