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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Horses calm in proximity

Horses eating hay on a sunny afternoon. From left to right: Rusty, Kacee, Soli, Prince, Bo, Sofia.

RNB and I built three hay cribs last fall in hopes of losing less hay to the snow and mud. In the cold of winter I put a square bale in each box twice day. This time of year most of the horses still are on pasture although they all enjoy some hay once or twice a day. Kacee is off pasture unless muzzled there for short periods due to metabolic issues with the grass.

"Easy keeper" is a misnomer. She is not an easy keeper -- she requires hay all year despite the pastures we have. But it is worth taking care of her -- she's a doll to ride, and I'll be forever grateful for all the learning she has facilitated.

Can you see the two other species in the photo?


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