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Friday, December 08, 2006

Bo update

The equine floater was here today and Bo was very good for this. Apparently Bo has been done before, has had regular care, and just needed what one would expect a horse to need who hadn't been floated recently. So either he has been done or he's got an amazingly good bite and ability to keep his teeth in good form on his own.

This floater does it without sedative or speculum or power tools, just gets his own hands into the horse's mouth and assesses then uses normal hand tools. Bo questioned this but then settled in for the process. I have the horses done outside so if they need to back up for awhile they can. A horse who is an old hand like our Haflinger can be done inside in a more confined space.

It's interesting to take out hay and see who gets to approach me first. Sometimes it's Bo and Sofia, sometimes it's Rusty and Kacee. I really like the changes with Bo regarding his apparent attacking behavior -- he sometimes still does it when he feels another gelding is too close, but he puts much less effort into it and does it less often. He seems most worried when Sofia wanders off close to the other horses.


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