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Friday, November 17, 2006

Progress with building

The arena has two sides covered. We will use trampoline type fabric to cover the remaining openings along the sides. That fabric allows air to circulate while keeping most precipitation outside.

The house has many of the rafters in place. The crew expects to place the rest of them today, including some odd angles with the second timberframe dormer.

Four pictures of one rafter's journey:

We joked about creating a saddle to add a measure of comfort for the men straddling the beams.

Status of building at end of day yesterday.

It poured rain overnight and fields here are flooded. The cows are stuck across the brook which now covers most of the lower two pastures. We'll soon see how the drainage is at the new place.

RNB envisions me trailering over to ride in the arena when it's done. I say, let's see what the roads are like at that point!

With the rain and deer hunting season and the excitement of the timberframe arrival, I have not ridden much in the past few weeks. I am taking the slow approach to expecting much from our new horse, allowing him lots of time to acclimate and settle in the herd. I've already found he has started to look to me and approach me out in the field similar to how the other horses do. He's watching them come to me for closeness, with or without scratches. He's wondering about all this.


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