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Sunday, November 26, 2006

I did not ride Rusty

I love this horse. He is eager to go on adventures 99% of the time. Today was no different when I came out of the barn into the paddock with halter in hand. But no, not today, Rusty.

Why not today? Well, because he has some puffy areas on his back where the saddle would sit -- puffy and bare of hair. Consequences of some interherd dynamics since little Bo joined us. That pony is athletic!

Rusty must grow to about 17 hands when his life is up. Round and levitating and gorgeous. And somehow that little pipsqueek of a pony -- 13 hands or so -- can get his teeth on Rusty's withers at the gallop.

I am so very grateful that nothing more than hide damage has occurred here. Not counting fence damage, that is. But both are repairable, either by me or by Mother Nature. And day by day the horses get more comfortable sharing space. I watch their personal bubbles shrinking.

One day I will be amazed watching Rusty and Bo share a pile of hay. Today I was amazed watching them standing still about three yards apart. It wouldn't be quite accurate if I said "hanging out" because the vibe wasn't quite a hanging out vibe. It had some watchfulness, but no commitment to defensiveness or offensiveness, not even on the edge. Some readiness, yes, of course.

If there is no more teeth contact, I should be riding Rusty again in a few days. I am liberal with tea tree oil, Eclipse wound healing cream, and healing intentions.

Lively herd...

Quiet herd...


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