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Monday, July 03, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I loved being away. I love being home. Now the test of time and commitment to better horsemanship -- how well will I integrate what I learned in two weeks of clinic time with Harry Whitney now that I'm back home?

It is easy to pay attention to detail and monitor my thoughts, feelings, and actions when I'm surrounded by a focussed group of intent learners. Easy to see new things and try new things when I'm far from ringing phones and dirty dishes and what seems like four thousand farm animals needing one thing or another. Easy to slide into new behavior under the patient and humorously light-hearted serious teaching of Harry.

I arrived home last evening at 7:30. My To Do list for today includes lugging the chain saw to the lower pasture to take a tree off the fenceline where the cows and sheep are; turn out most of the horses in the closest pasture; do food shopping; do multiple loads of laundry; unpack the truck and trailer and clean the trailer; travel to High Horses and make decisions about what horses to use for lessons that start Thursday; make calls to arrange for various systems checks on the house in Maine that I'm selling; take a nap... What? take a nap? Not likely today!

One day soon enough I will sit down and start typing out the notes I took during the clinic. I am looking forward to that. I do not edit the notes by adding hindsite narratives -- just type. Well, I might alter some punctuation and make full sentences here and there.

I have to start right now though with at least one quotable quote. See next entry.


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