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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New use for personal power

I teach a group of students each week. Our lessons are about ourselves and about horses. At the end of the lesson, I ask each student to share his or her 'highlight' for that day -- what was brought to awareness that struck a chord.

Recently a student sent me this note which I have edited to preserve anonymity after getting permission to do so.

Do you remember the last thing I said when we were talking about highlights? I was trying to figure out a way to use my wobbly new power for good (like getting my husband to vacuum).

He walked in the door that night, said hi, and then plugged in the vacuum and took care of the kitchen and dining room. When we were talking during dinner, I told him a little about what we were doing with the horses. We had a really good laugh about "the force" when he said he couldn't explain why he felt compelled to do vacuum. He's never done it before (probably never will again...)

What were we doing in the lesson that elicited these thoughts?

I asked the group to, one by one, stand some where and visualize one of the horses approaching them as they stood there focused on feeling calm and centered in their lower belly. This one particular student experienced her favorite horse coming right over to her 'even though' he had been enjoying rubbing on a post when she started this experiment.

I urged her to renew her self image to include her successes with these more subtle communications.


At 15 February, 2009 13:14, Blogger Victoria Cummings said...

Powerful. I'm going right out to the barn to try it.

At 15 February, 2009 21:50, Blogger Michelle said...

Very cool, Lasell. Can you get my husband to clean the bathroom? =D

At 21 February, 2009 18:51, Blogger llm said...

I did this with Chance and Pilot today, and it worked with both horses! I sent all my energy to Chance and visualized him looking at me, when he did I visualized him walking over to me...and he did! Then I walked to another place in the paddock and sent my energy to Pilot. I visualized him looking at me and he did, then as I started to visualize him walking to me he took a step and then the dogs started barking which broke my focus and he stopped. Of course we all looked in the direction of the dogs and the experiment was over. It was pretty cool and I'm going to try again tomorrow!


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