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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Got lemons? Make lemonade!

Today quickly turned into one of those too hot to do anything days. Bleh. And I'd hoped it would stay cool enough this morning for a ride.

So, after a brief lull in the creative thinking department, I had an idea. Let's see how each of the horses responds to the hose, and hopefully I'll get wet while doing this.

Great fun, and what a way to make these wicked hot, humid days bearable! Rusty was the first to get me wet as he mouthed the end of the hose and sent the spray every which way. Thank you, Snorkle Boy! (He earned that nickname the first time I convinced him walking into a wide, low stream was safe. He spent five minutes with his nose under water, blowing bubbles and seeking nibbles on the green stuff waving in the current.)

The next to get me wet was Soli -- similar antics with the water coming out of the hose. And then Riza, with her first time being hosed, had some similar effect through her curiosity, exploring this strange thing I was holding. Two other horses were not interested in mouthing the hose. The sixth horse was busy munching hay on the far side of the paddocks so never did get a hosing.

I think I'll go do this again. At least for my sake. Very pleasant to get wet then spend a few hours in the cool of the downstairs. I know it's still early summer when the downstairs is still cool.


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