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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

We danced in the New Year last night.

I like using this time of the year to affirm what is most important to me. So dancing with RNB is top of the list. Today I have spent time with the horses, eaten a good breakfast, reviewed 2007 with RNB, and spent time in a contemplative mood with a thought to the coming year. I intend today to be financially responsible (pay bills), to be socially assertive (call a friend), enjoy my life's passion (ride a horse), tend to the health of my body (yoga, practice Aikido, eat healthy meals, rest), and play (not sure how this will manifest -- oops!).

Harmony with horses and humans. Comfort and cooperation. Those are the words that came to mind when I started thinking about 2008 this morning. The details of this coming year include living in our new home, increasing openness, trust, and flow with RNB, expanding the impact I have as a horse activities coach/mentor/instructor/trainer, expanding my connectedness with and my respect for our horses here at home. The details also include my reaching out socially to family and friends -- I can see myself serving food to guests in our new house for example.

By clarifying what I want in my life, it becomes easier to say 'no' to the multitude of other things offered me. There are so many wonderful choices! And I am still learning the life lesson regarding the value of choice, the value of saying 'yes' to some options and 'no' to others.

Specific activities will include dancing, dancing, dancing!, continuing Aikido classes, helping with the labor of completing our new home and barn, clinic time as a student with my favorite teachers, teaching therapeutic riding, publicly presenting my approach to keeping horses and humans mentally well, hands on re-education with those more disturbed horses that come into my sphere, quiet enjoyment of my beloved equines.

Specific qualities I want to nurture include softness, openness, acceptance, consistency, clarity. Especially softness, as a way of life not just a place I visit now and then.


At 01 January, 2008 19:19, Blogger Victoria Cummings said...

Happy New Year to you, RNB, all the horses and other wonderful animals in your life! Those are great goals for 2008 - I believe that you will succeed in achieving them.


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