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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Angel Cards

A friend shared her use of the Angel Cards and the link if you want to see your own reading:

My New Year's question for the cards was: what about my role with horses... I am facing some choices about how I use my time, energy, and talents regarding horse activities, and this was what I got:

Card 1:

Archangel Michael

"I am with you, giving you the courage to make life changes that will help you work on your Divine life purpose."

Additional Message: "I have come to you because you asked God for safety and protection, and because you asked about your life purpose. Since you are a light-worker, I am overseeing the fruition of your Divine life purpose. You have been a lightworker for a long time, and you have felt different from others, isolated at times. Be assured that you have never been alone, and that you never will be alone."

"When you feel pushed to make a change at work or at home, that may be my influence, encouraging you to make your life's purpose a high priority. I can rearrange your schedule and support you in other ways to make your path smooth and harmonious. Simply ask me, and it is done. I will also help you feel safe and comfortable during your life's changes."

Card 2:

"You are protected from all types of harm. The worst is now behind you. I ask you to relax and feel safe."

Additional Message: "No matter what has happened in your past, your present and future are now safely protected by angels. I am helping you to heal from past upsets or trauma. I am helping to heal your heart of worry or fear. I am here to help you release any self-sabotaging thoughts or behavior. I am here, in other words, to help you enjoy a renewed sense of safety, and peace of mind."

"The other angels and I stand guard around you, your home, your family, your vehicles, and your workplace. You can rest assured that no lower energies can permeate our protective field. We only allow the energy of love to enter wherever you or your loved ones reside. All expressions of fear are transmuted back to the field of illusions from whence they came. God and the angels ask that you relax and enjoy yourself, for your happiness brings a smile to Heaven."

Card 3:

"You have a gift for working with young people, and your Divine purpose involves helping, teaching, or parenting children."

Additional Message: "Children respond to your openhearted nature. You are also charmed by their straight-forward honesty, laughter, and innocence. In many ways, they engage and heal your own inner child. You seek to give these children that which you desired when you were young. You also feel an inner calling to improve the lives of children, and you may wonder about the best way to proceed."

"I am with you as a guardian angel who delights in bringing you new opportunities to help children. All you need to do is notice the young people whom I bring into your orbit. Be your delightful self with these children, and the rest will take care of itself. As soon as you're ready for an increased role, please say the word to me, and I will increase the number of lives you touch. Please be assured that I understand your temperament and will only bring you to situations that match your passions, talents, and interests. You are a blessing to children everywhere!"

[I do already work with children in my role as therapeutic riding instructor. I will think about how else working with children will interface with my "passions, talents, and interests." I certainly connect most delightfully with adult learners when their essential childlikeness is available -- that's the best! *g* And with horses, is it the same? I want to help horses be free of their confusion and pains accidentally incurred in the course of their time with humans. Is that part of the same purpose? Is it OK to have a blurring of lines between species? I wonder why I wonder if it is OK. If it is what I'm drawn to, then by nature it is OK. I want this doubtful place in my healed.]


At 01 January, 2008 12:17, Blogger fourwinds said...

Very interesting!
Do you work with children presently?

At 01 January, 2008 12:28, Blogger LJB said...

Yes, primarily in my teaching role as therapeutic riding instructor. I wonder about pursuing more opportunities, but then the card does say it will honor my limits and only bring me what I can handle. *g* Now I wonder if these troubled horses that keep coming my way (another was offered this morning) are part of how I balance my time with humans, or are they a distraction from my human-oriented purpose. Something I will give thought to for sure!

I also consider my 'adult' students as children on some level, at least considering the issues they bring -- uncertainty, fear, etc. -- ones that need the support as if their inner child needs comforting and direction to realistically take risks, if that makes sense...


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