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Monday, September 11, 2006

Sofia's First Trail Ride

Thank you to my friends who supported us! I wanted Sofia's first trail ride to go well. That meant having trustworthy riders and horses along so that we could all focus on Sofia having a good experience.

It worked.

I so thoroughly enjoyed riding this gal! Her long stride and forward energy (SOOOOOO different from arena work!!!) were a joy to ride, and she was responsive to directions and eager to lead the other two horses much of the time. We walked, we trotted, we had a step or two of canter. One spook but compared to what I've experienced with my beloved Morgans, it was nothing!

I don't have any photos of today, but my mind can feel her body moving, her calm core with some serious interest in checking out that big world. Bridge, puddle, trees, cars, fields, woods, deep weeds, uphill, downhill, rocks, fences. She took it all in stride like we'd been doing this for years. Woo-eee!

This is the young PMU horse that I bought based on intuition and a photo online.

Here we are two years ago at a colt starting clinic with Joe Wolter at Piper Ridge Farm in Maine. Sofia was three. She has grown since then!


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