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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Full Moon

I'm getting keen on spending time at our new place. It still in a very rough draft condition. The super insulated cellar (insulated concrete forms) is in process of going up. Many decisions are being made about the details of our off the grid systems. Yikes. A major learning curve for me.

I like knowing how things work and knowing I can problem solve, at least partially at this point, when there is a question or glitch or whatever. I do like knowing enough so I can question our decisions. So far, RNB and I have complemented each other well in terms of constructive questioning to clarify intention and likely outcome, especially with projects, but thankfully, also with emotional intention and action.

The other evening I suggested we take a drive over to the land as the full moon was rising. I was curious whether it would have risen there, although it had risen at our current home. The new land is on the west side of a mountain. Indeed, we could see the moon from a few spots along the driveway, but not all. When we stopped near the house site, turned off the engine, and got out, the moon had risen from the viewpoint of the front door and master bedroom suite, but not from the kitchen.

Needless to say, it was lovely. The quiet reaches out and embraced us. Even RNB with his difficulty hearing the little details of nature like peepers, could hear them there. What a joy. Our first evening time there, drawn by the moon over the mountain.


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