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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rusty as barometer

Today Rusty told me I'm on the right track with my exercise regime and attention to using my core and releasing my back muscles. After all, if I want him to move with ease and release his topline, then I need to do the same. He's always been a horse who reflects the minute details of my presentation. And today we cantered both directions (haha, not at the same time!) without a hitch. And by hitch, I mean that literally. Nice even tempo set by me and no need for him to hop around with his hindquarters trying to match my tight back. Because my back was relaxed! Hooray!


At 08 November, 2009 14:14, Blogger Breathe said...

So true - now that my husband's back is better, Lily will carry him anywhere with confidence - before she seemed to feel his pain.



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