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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Springing with Rusty

I rode him today, in the ring. We walked, trotted, cantered. My intent was for us to open up in our trotting, lengthening his stride if I could persuade/allow my body to be loose enough for his needs. We succeeded as well as we did some cantering.

The cantering went well, too, with my right hip moving enough to allow him to carry me on his left lead. That has been a problem and it was a little bit today. He will do a very springy lead change when my right hip is stiff. Poor dear. I'm dedicated to changing my body through physical therapy exercises and such. I love riding Rusty but it's hard for him to follow my feel when my body is stiff from some decades-old movement habits. The blocks are going and Rusty and I are becoming more connected and fluid. Yay!

Dear old Riza... she's not old but gosh she has a mind like an old been-there-done-that horse. At least most of the time. Today I put the saddle on her after riding Rusty, no lead line or anything. She stood like we'd done this a million times, not twice! Then I lunged her at the walk and trot, and over some cavaletti, too.

I suppose one day I'll get on her back. We're not ready for that yet -- I'll wait until she and I can do things with almost no discussions about direction. That time is coming, I'm confident.


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