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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A two horse day, and manure

After spending a few hours in the tractor loading winter paddock manure onto a flatbed trailer, I had a late lunch, short nap, then rode.

First I rode Kacee, in the ring, walk, trot, canter. I worked on a grid pattern at the walk. It seems to help us get together -- I have a plan that changes quite frequently, and wanting to get with my plan, she listens better and better. It gives us a focus.

Trotting I focussed on her bending with the arc, whatever direction I was going, and how I could influence that most subtly. And my breathing, slow in and out as I posted. Next ride I will count how many beats to the inhale, how many to the exhale. Canter was in large circles and I focussed on steering her on the circle. We haven't done much of this in the ring, more likely to have cantered on the dirt road or on a trail. So I'm being patience while I guide her, letting her find how to carry us in a circle. Oh yeah, trotting over cavallettis again. I'm hoping to keep her back in good form and influence her to use her abdominal muscles with the cavalletti work.

Have I said out loud today how much I love that mare? I do.

Here she is, a few years back.

Then I rode Soli, our older steady-eddy Haflinger. Briefly in the ring then out for a trail ride. No fuss horse I trust to take me where I ask with relatively few questions along the way.

Gosh is he out of condition!! Huffing and puffing after each trot.

It was good fun though and we explored a No Entry dirt drive I've been eyeing for years. I met the land owners last month and they had a quick 'yes' to my asking permission to ride on their property. Access to some other trails beyond their cabin I was told. And today Soli and I explored one of those trails.

Soli, also a picture from a few years back.


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