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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Horse quirks

I read about Victoria's horse quirks on her blog: I'm taking up the invitation to play a game of self-tag and write about horse quirks here at home ...

Quirky things about my horses:

1) Rusty has a nick name "snorkel boy" after his first time crossing a stream. He kept sticking his nose under water! I recall he was seeking some nibbles from the stream bed but he sure looked silly.

2) I spent a few days teaching one of my horses to step her front feet onto a wooden pedestal that RNB built. Apparently the other horses were watching because days later, they each did this on the first or second attempt.

3) Rusty will volunteer to stand on the pedestal -- either when he wants his belly scratched (he knows I'll do that when he's stretched out like that) or when he's confused about what I am asking for and he knows how to please me with the pedestal!

4) Sofia loves to hang out with her head on my shoulder, just resting it there with nothing else needed.

5) Rusty knows how to unlatch anything within his reach!

6) Kacee will put some effort into not being caught unless I tell her I'm going to trim her feet.

7) Kacee had a love at first sight relationship with a goat at the boarding stable when I first bought her. The goat followed us on a 10 mile fund raising ride and was so out of shape, I got off and walked the last few miles just so we could travel slow enough and rest often so the goat could keep up with us.

8) Gwen (who now lives with some neighbor friends) curls her upper lip with pleasure when she gets scratches just behind her withers.

9) When Rusty was a yearling and wouldn't leave me alone and I had not established good boundaries with him, Kacee would come bite him on the back to shoo him away from me when his pestering got feeling dangerous.


At 07 February, 2008 19:07, Blogger Victoria Cummings said...

"Snorkel Boy" looks very cute up on a pedestal. I love learning about your horse's personalities. Doesn't it feel great when a horse puts her head on your shoulder? Thanks for playing along.


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