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Friday, June 22, 2007

Big and Little

I rode Ms. Big and Mr. Little the other evening. RNB came home and I asked him to take some pictures. Here we are. Can you tell which horse is which?

RNB with the camera was like a magnet for the horses. Admittedly most of the pictures captured us in the start of a turn away from where he stood. These came out well though -- and in honor of my blogging friend who purposely displays her mistakes -- I will point out that I've got my eyes turned downward in most of the pictures, including these two. I know I was looking to see when the horse's eye came around the turn I was asking for. Someday I would like to feel that without looking. Feel that and trust what I'm feeling. I wait for the eye to come around the turn so I'm releasing for the mind coming with the turn, not just the feet coming into a turn. I can see on one horse that I've asked for a right turn and the horse has not yet responded by putting slack back into the rein. Which horse is that?

I reviewed some pics from the winter. Boy oh boy -- Mr. Little aka Bo sure does change from season to season regarding the amount of hair he carries!

Bo's weight is good. The supplement I feed (check link to Balanced Equine Nutrition if you like) and maybe his changed mental attitude is helping him keep some meat on his bones. I'd like to find a very handy youngster who want a pony like Bo. Then I would have room here to take in another horse-in-need. Or then I would have time to ride the 'other' horses more!


At 22 June, 2007 16:55, Blogger ZinniaZ said...

I just love those photos of you riding Bo and Sophia. They are an amusing comparison. :)

Two things-- if you want to be able to feel when to release, close your eyes and trust yourself. Fell what you are feeling and release when you think you are correct. I bet your feel is more accurate than your vision. R makes me do this and it works unfailingly.

And-- if you are interested in placing Bo, can you say a little more about what type of person might be right for him? Experience of the rider, height, what he likes, who would NOT work, etc. The right person might come across my radar...

At 23 June, 2007 06:59, Blogger LJB said...

I'll try your suggestion to ride with eyes closed. I was intent when these pictures were taken to keep the horses from barging right into RNB with camera -- he thinks it's fine when a horse does that.

Regarding Bo, I'll think about that more and write something up especially addressing your questions. Thanks for prompting me. He's getting pretty ready to have his own special person as far as I'm concerned, but of course, the more he changes and lets down, relaxes and becomes responsive, the more enjoyable he is to have around! :-)


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