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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sofia update

Sofia is doing better.

And so am I.

I've been struggling with my self blame for her injury, and my slightly egotistical belief that I am the only one who can provide her adequate care. RNB and I had a long talk about this last night. I need to make a decision soon about proceeding with my long standing plan to go to Ohio and assist and be assisted by Leslie Desmond at the Equine Affaire, or stay home.

I'm proud to share that I am capable to offering RNB the trust he deserves when it comes to powers of observation and ability to follow specific directions for taking temp, mixing meds into palatable feed, noticing changes in her gait and her leg (heat, swelling, etc.), and soaking her foot.

So, as of this very moment, I may travel, I may stay home. I don't have to decide right now. I do have to run pick up more antibiotics as the vet and I decided taking a more cautious route is a good way to go, especially because Sofia was running a slight temperature for a few days.

Friends, a wee suggestion: take your horse's temperature now while she or he is healthy. Note the temp and the time of day, and you will have a baseline for the future when you suspect your horse may be ill. Under $10 for the thermometer and you probably have some vaseline sitting around to lubricate. If you are not comfortable standing at your horse's butt and lifting the tail and inserting glass into the anus, then give me a holler as there is some trust missing between you two, and that's the sort of challenge I like in my role as The Horsey Therapist.

[Note: I have been blogging about Sofia's injury on a farm blog I started. She stepped on a nail, puncturing her right hind foot in the collateral groove, and has been very lame since last Tuesday.]


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